Right now, there are too many generalists, forms rather than substance and delivery rather than value. We are here primarily to add concrete value to your organization.

Details of our Services

Advisory and Management Support

Organization efficiency and effectiveness.

When happens that an endowed organisation- endowed in terms of potential, product portfolio, market opportunities, finance, historical heritage or any significant advantage- is underperforming, it is time to look at  people, processes and resources utilization/deployment. Sometimes the devil is in the fit and alignment of 3 or any combination. An audit and analysis is then required to identified the problems and develop a roadmap to recovery and growth. This we can do effectively.

Marketing, Market Analysis and Brand/Product management

Market/Marketing/Product Analysis: Market definition, size estimation, segmentation, product SWOT analysis, portfolio analysis, growth strategy options, product strategies and evaluation of effectiveness of marketing programs.
Market /Marketing Planning: Forecasting sales volume and profit, reviewing and planning programs, product distribution, promotion, pricing and specific strategies, tactics and timing for each marketing elements.
Brand Management: Brand specific product/market analysis, environmental/competition review, market planning and implementation for a specific or indefinite period
Total Marketing Management: Total portfolio product/market analysis, market planning and implementation for a specific or indefinite period

Sales Management and Strategy

No Business can survive, indeed exist without customers. Face-to-face interactions between the firm and customers are mediated by salespeople. On the other hand, of all the management functions, only sales bring in money. So it is absolutely required that company gets their sales system, process and strategy right. Unfortunately, many organisations fail outright or are inefficient in this crucial function. We offer advisory services on

  • Sales and selling system
  • Distribution and logistics
  • Field force supervision and support system
  • Appraisal and reward system
  • Job description and Man-specification
  • Credit/Cash sales ration
  • Distributor/channel  management system
  • Business development

Recruitment And Selection

It is truly challenging to identify sales people with the right attitude, work ethic, and selling skills to be successful.  With the current pressures on performance, reality is that it is difficult for organizations/managers to put sufficient rigor behind the hiring and on-boarding process, and many managers do not have the interviewing expertise or a formal and repeatable process to impartially evaluate candidates.   While experienced veterans are tempting as “plug and play,” many available candidates with industry experience were often poor performers at their previous employers.  Attractiveness bias, particularly in sales hiring, is also a well documented phenomenon that leads managers to hire people that look the part but can’t do the job – leaving the hiring manager to say “I don’t know what happened.  He seemed so strong in the interview”
Given our experience and expertise in the industry, we feel we can add value to you recruitment efficiency and effectiveness by providing these services:

  • Simple Free List. - 20 resumes, picked at random from our CV/Resume Bank sent to you at your request and at absolutely no cost to you. Beyond 20, each will cost N300.00
  • Screened List- any number of pre-screened/categorized CV/resume from our bank. Screening criteria will be as provided by you- qualification, experience, age, location, language spoken, etc. Each will cost N500.00
  •  Pre-Interviewed: A list of candidates pre-screened and passed through Aptitude test, interviewed face-to-face by us before presentation to clients. Client may subject them to final selection test/Interview. N2500.00 each
  • Pre Trained: Candidates will be screened based on your criteria, aptitude-tested, interviewed and trained on Selling, Presentation, Hospital System, Territory management before they are presented to the client. Candidates may be subjected to final interview/assessment and approval before training by Clients. Cost to be discussed


Our method for hiring salespeople is aligned with the age-long mantra of the carpenter “measure twice, and cut once.”  Up front diligence in the hiring and on-boarding process will pay huge dividends in the form of lower turnover, faster ramp up times, and higher sales per salesperson.

    • The upper part of Training/Human Capital Development will be as follows

Training And Human Capital Development

Organizations should train their workforce. Why? Training and Development helps to:

  • provide an opportunity and broad structure for the development of human resources' technical and behavioral skills in an organization. It also helps the employees in attaining personal growth. 
  •  Increase the job knowledge, horizon and skills of employees at each level, and eventually their productivity and efficiency. Increasing the productivity of the employees that helps the organization further to achieve its long-term goal. 
  •  Inculcate the sense of team work, team spirit, and inter-team collaborations. It helps in inculcating the zeal to learn within the employees. 
  •  improve upon the quality of work and work-life. 
  • to create the healthy working environment. It also helps to improve the morale of the work force, build good employee, relationship so that individual goals aligns with organizational goal. 
create a better corporate image and demonstrates management commitment to keeping employees on the cutting edge of knowledge and practice.