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Who we are

We are immensely pleased to introduce to you White Tulip Consulting Limited. We came into the sector with a firm believe that services to the sector can be much professional, result-oriented and more responsive to your specific needs. Right now, there are too many generalists, forms rather than substance and delivery rather than value. We are here primarily to add concrete value to your organization.

At the end of it all, we know adding value means helping you to save money, make more money or growing your business. In any and all assignments, these are our primary consideration.

Why you should do business with White Tulip Consulting Limited

  • We believe and strive to deliver practical, down-to-earth advisory/training geared towards getting clear and immediate result/improvement
  • Between the our leading consultants is over 50 years of cognate experience
  • We have a pool of facilitators/associate with relevant experience and training

Our Performance Evaluation/Guarantee Commitment

We expect our clients to evaluate us at 3 levels:

  • Are your processes/systems working better? Has the knowledge base/skills of your people significantly improved? Do you see our proposal/advice begin to solve the problem(s)?
  • Have we helped your business to perform better? Has our intervention improved your profit, bottom-line, market standing, etc? Have we added value to your organization?

White Tulip Consulting Limited Methods

  • CEO interactions
  • Management/Stakeholder interview
  • Service/market research/assessment
  • Market/Process Evaluation/Impact assessments
  • Delivery/intervention proposals and programs
  • Post-delivery evaluation